Versatile musician: composer, arranger, performer, conductor. His instruments are: cello, bass guitar, violin, vocals.

Ha is familiar with many styles. Started his career as a cello player, but in addition to his education on classical music, he have gained wide experience in many “dialects” of the modern music’s language. He is working continuously together with many well-known musicians and composers in Hungary and around the world. His own band, After Crying is a fine example for his purpose: for more than 25 years, this group is working on summarizing and harmonizing the influences from “both worlds”.

Péter is also trying to achieve this synthesis as an independent composer. He has written many chamber music and orchestra pieces, theater and movie soundtracks. Recently he is composing and arranging music for well-established customers, like BBC, Eurodisney or Real World Records, where he has been a major contributor for many albums and soundtracks. For example, he have cooperated with Peter Gabriel, Richard Evans and David Rhodes for the soundtrack of National Geographic’s IMAX movie, “Sea Monsters”.

In Hungary, he is one of the “most employed” arrangers: his symphonic works include contributions for the top performers of the country, like Ákos, Crystal, Tibor Kasza, Fecó Balázs and Bon-Bon. The soundtrack for the movie “Torzók” (Abandoned) that he has been written together with other After Crying members, received a “Special Prix Europe” award at the 2002 Berlin Film Festival and it was nominated for the Oscar too. His latest Hungarian work were compositions and arrangements for Shakespeare’s “As you like it” for the József Attila Theater in Budapest.


  • “As You Like It” – music, József Attila Theater
  • Goldoni: “Il Campiello (The Little Square)” – music, Móricz Zsigmond Theater, Nyíregyháza
  • Brian Friel: “Dancing at Lughnasa” – music, Petőfi Theatre, Veszprém
  • J. M. Barrie: “Peter Pan” – musical director, Víg Theatre, Budapest


  • Sea Monsters IMAX 3D – music
  • DiscoveryChannel ATLAS (China, Australia, South Africa, India episodes) – music
  • “Chandramukhi”, “Majaa”, “Sivamayam”, “Mozhi” (India) – music
  • Abandoned (Directed by Árpád Sopsits, 2001) – music


  • After Crying albums
  • Völgyessy Szomor Fanni: Dal a gyermekkorról
  • Casanova Night Musical – 2006.
  • Téli Márta: Árnyékból fény – 2005.
  • NagyTibor: Magnus – 2002.
  • Mikola Péter: Haszontalanságok – 2002.
  • Völgyessy-Szomor Fanni: Tündér rózsa – 2002.
  • Boldog karácsonyt (Céges reprezentációs album / Suzuki Hungary) – 2002.
  • Bon-Bon: Irány a légió – 2001.
  • Julius Dobos: Mountain Flying – 1999.
  • Tempano (Venezuela): Childhood’s End – 1999.